Toyi Builder Fidget Construction Building Toy Creative Colorful Fun Eco-Friendly Play Set 64Pcs

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  • TOYI CONSTRUCTION SET: Toyi Bulder 64 Pcs Creative Play Set invites your children to examine their environment with a creative perspective and to see everyday objects as potential parts of their new toys by inventing a new toy concept thanks to its features consisting of wheels, feet, eyes, hands, joints, rods and flexible rings.
  • IDEAL TOY: Toyi Play Construction Kit is an educational toy for boys and girls ages 5 and up. Set has everything kids need to enjoy long periods of open-ended and screen-free play and learning.
  • SUSTAINABLE AND GOOD FOR ENVIRONMENT TOY: Toyi Building Kit is sustainable. We use 100% recycled plastic and paper. Through play, it teaches children upcycling by using disposable objects as the main parts of their toys, thanks to its unlimited transformation potential.
  • STEM INITIATIVE COMPLAINT: Toyi construction set develops children's creative thinking, communication, fine motor, and hand-eye coordination skills. Enbarque on the STEM highway and do physical experiments under your direction, produce simple mechanisms that interact with different materials.
  • WONDERFUL GIFT: A great everyday, birthday, or Christmas gift for kids ages 5 and up. Use toy ideas produced by children in the brochure in the kit to start. Children who meet Toyi for the first time are amazed by the toy ideas in the booklet and will quickly progress on producing their toys.



They increased Focus and Concentration. Research has shown that when kids can control or direct their movements when stressed or anxious, they also improve focus and concentration. Movement and sensory input are essential for learning and carrying out tasks since they involve both the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Create Movement for Stimulating the Brain Stem. One of the main functions of the brain stem is to control essential body functions such as breathing, heart rate, and consciousness. Movement is a fundamental way to trigger the brain stem. Fidget toys can serve that purpose. Movement, even fidgeting with the hands, can help by sending signals from the body to the brain to awaken and be alert.

Provide Fun Mental Occupation. Fidget toys productively distract and occupy the child's attention. They boost focus and productivity by giving your child's mind a fun mental break, making it easier to pay attention afterward. They are fun! As every parent and teacher knows, kids need to break up their work and study times with free play.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety.