Return Policy

RETURNS : Refunds & Exchanges

KsmToys is committed to exchange or refund any product that does not suit your expectations - if returned in good condition within 10 days of its actual receipt (this allows for any delays on our side in the sending of your order) . If for any reason this is not possible please let us know and if we can we will try to extend this period by a few days.

For returns, the shipping and any related return costs are at your expense . If an item is faulty we will pay for it's return. Please make sure that any returns are sent with the order number and your name - both to clearly included as a minimum - and ideally also written on the outside of the package. Ideally send us an email with the tracking number and details by using the contact email at the bottom of the website, stating your order reference number.

We cannot be held responsible for any duty charges incurred on any items return when shipping between Canada and the US.

Sale items that are bought as "clearance items " (defined as at a price less than one third of their original price ) cannot be refunded - their purchase is final. However we may agree to credit these items towards another future purchase - please do contact us in advance of returning such items. Similarly if items are bought in a sale offer that has different levels of discount ( dependent of the total sum spent ) returns may alter the level of discount you now qualify for ; however we may allow other items to be exchanged and the value and discount % may then be maintained that way. Depending on where you are located (and therefore the direct cost to be incurred by us) the cost of the a redelivery of heavily reduced replacement items may need to be paid for by you , the client in some circumstances.

Please do feel free to make a purchase and then ask for more details or photos to be sent before its departure. We are more than happy to send photos etc to you if required.

In order to return an item, ideally please contact our customer service department via email preferably using the contact email at the bottom of the website, stating your order reference number - returns must be sent back within 10 days of their receipt. Any delay experienced by this communication process on our side would be allowed and it would be extended accordingly.

When sending out goods we have a policy of minimizing packaging - purely for environmental issues. So multiple items maybe bulk packed. If you have any issues with this please let us know.