MonsterGo Magnetic Speed Cubing Excellence: SwiftBlock 355S 3x3 Cube with 48 Magnets Original Stickerless Design for Fast, Smooth Solving - Perfect Brain Toy for Kids and Adults by KsmToys

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  • Enhanced Magnetic Performance: Swift Block 355S boasts 48 visible magnets, allowing for faster layer positioning compared to other budget cubes. Its premium mechanism, typically found in higher-priced cubes, ensures a superior solving experience.
  • Robust Stability Design: Featuring a new numerical tension nut with 5 gears, Swift Block offers exceptional stability. Easily adjustable by hand, this cube is perfect for the most energetic kids, thanks to its seamless contact-surface with screw and snap joints that resist falling apart.
  • Feather-Light Design: Weighing only 85g, Swift Block 355S is an ideal size for competitions or casual play at home. Its lightweight construction ensures extended playtime without tiring your hands, making it suitable for both children and adults.
  • Endless Puzzle Enjoyment: With 6 colored faces and approximately 43 quintillion combinations, the Swift Block speed cube provides endless entertainment. This color-matching puzzle not only challenges the mind but also enhances reflexes, finger agility, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Professional Cube Manufacturer: Swift Block takes pride in being a professional speed cube manufacturer committed to customer satisfaction and technological innovation. Our cubes are designed with the user experience in mind. If any issues arise, contact us promptly for resolution within 24 hours.