Lena Mercedes AROCS Garbage Truck Trucks Realistic Trash Waste Management Garbage bin Orange/Silver

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  • REALISTIC FEATURES AND FUNCTIONALITY: The product is a licensed Mercedes AROCS garbage truck on a scale of 1:15. All features and movements of this Toy Truck mimic the movements of the real thing! Backloading trash dumpster has 4 wheels for easy movement of the trash, back doors fully swing open just like the real garbage truck. To offload your garbage unlock the bottom and swing the trailer back so the trash can easily offload.
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR PLAY: Use this garbage truck inside or outside as this toy can easily transport different materials such as paper, wood chips, sand, or gravel to replicate "garbage". Lena garbage truck size is 20x10x12" or 52x25x32cm.
  • ROBUST DESIGN: Our waste management toy truck has 3 6mm steel axles and wide tires for easy movement on uneven surfaces, UV protection to prevent the colors from fading and plastic from becoming brittle. We offer a 3-year guarantee on these toy trash truck's as our toys are durable enough to survive to play in classrooms, daycares and as Montessori toys for toddlers. We use prime PE resin for all our toys as this increases the durability and lifespan of our toy trucks. Our materials will not snap, crack.
  • EDUCATIONAL VALUE: Stimulates imagination while encouraging hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, and communication. Teach your toddler about the importance of recycling and waste management as our green toys promote respect for the environment. Look for other Lena toy trucks for boys age 1, 2, or 3 from our toy assortment and complete your collection of Lena eco toys.
  • RECOMMENDED AGE: Our toy garbage trucks for boys and girls are specially designed for children age 3+ because of the toy's realistic look and functionality. Small children love realistic-looking toys because they observe real trucks and heavy machinery on a daily basis.

Product description

 At Lena, we want to keep our planet clean and healthy

We make our toys using high quality, food-grade resin and we do not promote the use of electronic features in our toy trucks.  Our products are designed with a decrease in plastic consumption in mind.  The resin we use is infused with an environmentally friendly additive that helps it to disintegrate into the soil.  It is also treated with UV filters to prevent fading of colors.

Lena Toys are durable, child-friendly and absolutely safe

All our toy vehicles are fully equipped with off-road wheels with freewheeling chassis, making them easy to push over any terrain.  This excavator can be used to transport soil, sand, and gravel and is perfect for pairing with a bulldozer, tractor, garbage truck, or dump truck for hours of play.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Lena Toy Trucks and Vehicles make superb educational toys for toddlers and preschool-age children and are safe for institutional use.  Our toys will increase your child’s creativity, helping stimulate their imagination while encouraging hand-eye coordination and encourage group play, helping your child to effectively learn and develop their social and communication skills.  Most importantly, Lena Vehicles will provide children with hours of the dirt pile and sandbox fun, digging, loading, hauling, and lifting!

Recommended for ages 2+

Made in the Czech Republic, EU

We offer a 3 year extended warranty


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