Le Corps Humain Aux Rayons X Or he Human Body Under X-Ray Educational Puzzle Learn About The Bones Tissues Functions of The Organs and More by Headu

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  • EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Assemble the large puzzle, and discover the fascinating qualities of the human body. Complete the mission and observe what cannot be seen by the naked eye using the magic torch included in the package.
  • LEARN ABOUT: The human body, vital functions, organs, and systems.
  • IMPROVE THE SKILLS: Using this fascinating educational tool your child will work on the following skills: Attention, concentration, visual memory, observation, and the scientific method.
  • AFFECTED INTELLIGENCES: Naturalistic, Logic Mathematics, Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Personal, Linguistic
  • AGE, DESIGN, AND CONTENT: This product is constructed and produced from the best quality materials in Italy. Product is suitable for the young explorers and learners of the age 6+. 1 puzzle size 60 x 35 cm 84 pieces; 10 double-sided mission tiles; 1 marker, eraser, 1 magic torch.