Snow Sled STRATOS with Brakes, Steering,Retractable Pull Cord in ELECTRIC BLUE by Gizmo Riders

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  • SPEED AND FUN: Soar down the ski hill while keeping total control at all times. Stratos' Sleek and modern design with its exciting colors will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • DESIGN: Stratos is designed for speed and agility it is sleek and aerodynamic and comes in various color combinations. The 2 ski runners have a patented differential steering system that prevents snow build up under the snow sled so the sled maintains speed during turns and increases the driver's thrill.
  • SAFETY: Effective centrally located breaks dig deep into snow or ice to stop you safely and quickly regardless of your speed. Compare to other sleds the Stratos low center of gravity and ribbed base prevents tipping for total control.
  • MATERIALS: Stratos is made of cold-resistant resin that prevents this snow sled from becoming brittle even in extreme cold. UV Plastic filter keeps colors bright and shiny regardless of sun exposure or age.
  • SIZE WEIGHT & AGE: Stratos dimensions are 39 x 22 x 10" and can easily support the weight of an average adult or up to 260 Lbs. It is designed for ages 6 and up and can support up to 2 riders.

Product description

Color: Electric Blue


Finally, a heavy-duty sled that gives riders a great way to stay in control and still fuel their need for speed. 

The Stratos Steerable Sled by Gizmo Riders is an innovative snow machine made of UV-resistant plastic that doesn't have any metals and screws. There is no fear of corrosion as parts just click and snap together. It boasts of a deep digging brake with a spring and a differential steering system. 

With the use of the steering wheel, this system allows riders to keep high speeds in corners safely. 

The Stratos also has an automatic self-retracting cable tow rope for easy handling and the unit can seat 2 people. 

Choose from 2 vibrant colors Electric Blue, and Racing Red to stand out from the crowd and zoom away on the snow. The Stratos is produced in the EU, the Czech Republic by Plastkon.               

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