Froc Euro Design High Chair Seat For Baby to Kids With Safety Rail and 5 point harness WHITE

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The adjustable, award-winning high chair made of sustainable wood

The revolutionary one-legged construction with reinforced steel, four extensions, and smart weight distribution makes Froc extremely stable.  Froc Chair's center of gravity is always in the middle, meaning that it cannot be tipped over as is often the case with other wooden highchairs.

Froc grows with your child

Total adjustability guarantees that your child will be comfortable and safe using the chair from the age of 6 months to 10 years old. After a certain age your child won't be keen on using traditional highchairs -  Froc, on the other hand, when stripped from all safety features, looks like a beautiful adult chair, that your child will be happy to use.

Froc is smaller in size than most competitive wooden highchairs on the market, making it more appealing to families living in small spaces. When eating, your child sits next to the table instead of using a food tray, making your child part of family meals. When not used, Froc is simply pushed under the table without taking up valuable space.

How Froc will grow

Our vision is to develop the Froc brand into a comprehensive supplier of diversified furniture for kids (cradle, bouncer, nursery, etc.) with an accommodating line of accessories. Every new product addition will encapsulate Froc's distinctive brand attributes: smart functionalities, natural materials, and contemporary design.

 Made from locally sourced, premium beech wood

Developed, designed, and manufactured in Slovenia

Certified for conformity and matches the demands for the SIST EN14988-1 and SIST EN 14988-2 standards

Recommended age 6 months - 10 years

  • EASY ADJUSTABLE WITH ONLY 1 SCREW: Froc Chair allows your toddler to sit at the BIG table and enjoy family meals as no feeding tray is required. Unlike most high chairs the height and footrest are customizable to your child making this chair easier to use and more comfortable. Adjustments take less than 30 seconds. 
  • INCLUDED ARE: 1 Froc Chair in White, a wooden safety rail, and a fully adjustable 5-point safety harness.
  • AFTER EATING IS A COMFORTABLE CHAIR FOR SITTING AND PLAYING. The backrest is adjustable back and forward so that your child's legs don't hang over and always promotes an upright and healthy posture
  • MODERN DESIGN AND MINIMAL SPACE USE: Assemble and adjust with extreme ease. Use it as a part of your kitchen furniture as it neatly tucks under your kitchen table and it does not look out of place. The wooden high chair design comes in standard colors to complement your house interior.
  • MADE FROM & MAINTENANCE: Made from sustainable, premium Beechwood, galvanized steel reinforcements, and water-based organic color stains. This high chair is super easy to clean as its modern minimalist design reduces surfaces to maintain.
  • SAFETY AND AGE RECOMMENDATION: Our chair is made for children ages 6m to 10 years. The center of gravity is always in the middle of the highchair to make rocking or tipping impossible. This chair will serve your child for many years as it can be adjusted to your child's height. Use it as a chair at the dinner table or as a comfortable desk chair. As it promotes correct and healthy sitting posture. Recommended for ages 6 months – 10 years.
  • ACCESSORIES: Several accessories can be added to the basic FROC chair. Add cushioning to the chair to make it more comfortable.

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