123 Educational Puzzle Explaining Numbers, Quantities and Esquences for KsmToys by Headu

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ETGTOYS' educational puzzles, games, and developmental cards are developed and produced by HEADU from Italy.

HEADU's products are based on the research of Howard Gardner, Professor of Cognitive Sciences and Educational Psychology at Harvard University. He developed the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, believing that there is not one single intelligence but that each person has multiple ways of thinking at birth that is mostly independent of one another. Biologically present in each individual, although in different ways, each unique intelligence develops within a favorable cultural context.

His studies recognize the following intelligence types:

  1. Personal
  2. Linguistic
  3. Musical
  4. Bodily-Kinesthetic
  5. Spatial 
  6. Logic-Mathematic
  7. Naturalistic

Each of our award-winning products identifies the intelligence type that the item targets for development. We include the menu of skills we work with, we clearly identify the age that the product is designed for and we select and use the best quality educational methods that will help your child on the journey of learning while keeping it fun, engaging, and age-appropriate.

We are confident these tools will help your child to further develop and improve intelligence and make your child a better citizen of the world. 

We are proud to have been awarded the following international awards:

Good Toy Guide UK

Independent toy Award Germany

Tillywig Brain Child - Winner

Best Made in Italy Game

Educational Games Gold Medal

Spiel Gut

NETS Neighbourhood Stores of Canada Gold Star Award

  • EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Our large educational and teaching abacus can be used in various ways. VERTICALLY where children can associate the symbols and numbers from 1 to 9 and HORIZONTALLY where we emphasize number arrangements, quantities, and the logic of sequences.
  • LEARN ABOUT: Numbers, Quantities, and Sequences
  • IMPROVE THE SKILLS: Using this fascinating educational tool your child will work on the following skills: Comparing Quantities, Association of Numbers, and Quantities, make the First Number Series.
  • AFFECTED INTELINGENCES: Logic Mathematics, Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Personal.
  • AGE AND DESIGN: This product is constructed and produced from the best quality materials in Italy. The product is suitable for young explorers and learners of the age 3+.

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