Train Spinning Toy Top With Sounds and Train By Bolz

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This delightful top will ring out the tone of a real train as it chugs around the base of the top and lets out a “Toot Toot” as it slows to go past the boom gates as they ring out the warnings as the train comes near.

  • IMPROVES FINE MOTOR SKILLS: No batteries needed, which encourages the physical movement of the toy will help train your child’s fine motor skills
  • SUBTLE HUMMING TUNE: As it spins, Bolz Victorian Spinning Top Toy makes a light humming melody that gets slightly louder as it spins faster.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL AGES: At 6-Inch tall and 6-Inch wide, it is the perfect size for the tiny hands of a toddler
  • EASY TO USE: Simply grip the red tip and twist to start the spinning, the soft plastic gripper base keeps it in place so it won’t mark surfaces.
  • HIGH-QUALITY TIN: Made with high-quality tin and plastic, this spinning top toy is durable and built to last

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