Zephyr Super Soft Kinetic Polymer Clay Sand / Dough in PINK color 150gr / 5 oz

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Zephyr Kinetic play sand is a unique play dough made of safe, eco-friendly, natural material and food coloring, which can be baked at 365F (180?C) to obtain a solid state. This dough really is multifunctional and is just as much fun for adults as it is for kids.

Zephyr is great for developing your child's fine motor skills and offers endless possibilities for creative play. It can be sculpted into figures large or small and won't fall apart or dry out.  Colors can also be mixed to create new colors.  For adults, Zephyr is fantastic for reducing stress levels, whether you prefer to mold it into something new or just squeeze it for a therapeutic effect.

Bake Zephyr in the oven to harden your creations and paint with acrylics to add more detail to your models. Zephyr kinetic dough can even be played with in water and will float!

  • HOLDS THE SHAPE & CAN BE BAKED: Zephyr Kinetic, play dough can be easily molded in any shape you want as it is super soft to use, mess-free and NEVER DRIES OUT. It is THE ONLY kinetic play sand that can be baked to keep your creation permanent. Once baked use colors and paints to create your design, newly created toy, ornament or room decor even more stunning.
  • MIX THE COLORS: Our kinetic play sand comes in 7 basic colors and we encourage you to combine them to create your own personal magic shades. FLOATS ON WATER: Zephyr is by nature hydrophobic so it does not absorb or mix with water and will easily float when used as a toy in a bathtub. DOUBLES IN VOLUME: When played with, Zephyr will quickly double in volume as this magic sand gets warmed by your hands and fluffed up.
  • SAFE RELAXING AND CALMING: Zephyr is made from natural materials and food-grade coloring. It is an all-natural non-Newtonian fluid. Zephyr kinetic matter is equally suitable for kids, students or adults alike. Due to its relaxing, creative and calming nature, it remains equally recommended by parents, educators and therapists alike. It can be used as one of the therapy toys in healing seasons of mind or body. Mold it, cut it, or just let it flow through your fingers.
  • STIMULATE SENSES: Zephyr kinetic sand helps develop and stimulate senses in people of all ages. Play, fidget or build with Zephyr kinetic dough and improve your dexterity and spacial recognition. In a group play environment, this toy will facilitate and promote sharing, collaboration, and communication.
  • SAFE NON-TOXIC: Zephyr is made from natural materials and food-grade coloring. It is all-natural kids play sand / non-Newtonian fluid that is by its nature antibacterial. Zephyr is tested, certified and complies with CE / ASTM Standards and is CPSC certified. Recommended 3+

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