Wooden Carousel With Horses 3D Wooden Puzzle STEM Toy By Wood Tricks

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  • 🌍 [HIGH QUALITY] – made of natural birch ply. Materials are recyclable and safe. No glue. Our carousel toy is the safest and most entertaining among all 3d wooden puzzles for kids and adults
  • 🎠 [DIY EXPERIENCE] - building a horse carousel will stimulate your child’s ability to plan and build their own structure like a true engineer. Brain teasers for adults and kids have never been so entertaining and engaging
  • 👌 [EASY SELF-ASSEMBLY] - this merry go round carousel toy includes 197 wooden puzzle pieces, but the building is accessible for kids and adults
  • 🎁 [BEST GIFT] – 3d puzzle carousel will be a worthy addition to your kid's collection. Our 3d puzzles for adults and kids will always be a welcome gift
  • 👍 [DETAILED DESIGN] – wooden carousel comes with a precise manual as well as pics. Follow the manual to build the jigsaw puzzles set quickly and correctly

The carousel model, also called the Merry-Go-Round, is a hallmark of childhood. The beauty and simplicity of carousel horses going around in a circle have dazzled children for years and remains a fond memory in the hearts of many adults.

The carousel model wood is one of WoodTrick's most popular sets among wood building kits because it is a beautiful display piece that also actually works! Without the use of batteries, the carousel puzzle can be wound and actually moves in a circle like a real merry-go-round with amazing carousel horse figurines.

The set consists of 197 pieces, but the building is accessible for adults and children! The set comes packaged with clear, simple, and very detailed instructions as well as illustrations. Follow these instructions to build the set efficiently and correctly!
Bringing the whole family together to build the set and play with it after - what could be better! Building these sets will draw out and propel your child’s ability to plan and build their own structure or vehicle like a true architect or engineer.
Utilizing safe and environmentally friendly wood from all-natural trees without any added toxins or glues, you can build the Carousel and watch it spin! Enjoy the hypnotic turn of the kids merry go round wooden toy as well as wooden educational toys

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Country - Ukraine
Brand - Wood Trick
Material - Eco-friendly plywood
Movement - Mechanical
Assembly - Without glue
Assembly - Self
Quantity of parts - 197
Model size, l*w*h* - 11.8*8.6*8.6 in (300*220*220 mm)
Packing size, l*w*h* - 14.5*7.2*1.3 in (370*185*35 mm)
The complexity of assembly - Medium
Assembly time – 2.5 hours
Weight of the model in package - 1.64 lb (0,748 kg)