Park Tower with 3 Floors & Road by KSM Toys

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  • Seven floors full of fun: the 3-floor wader park tower is the ultimate play-pretend parking garage, standing at almost three feet tall with seven floors full of fun
  • Inspires imaginative ROLEPLAY: the working crane, car wash, gas pump, heliport, service elevator, and moveable stop gates nurture a child's natural creativity
  • Fully compatible: the spiral ramps are compatible with most miniature car brands so every vehicle has a place to play. Comes complete with two wader car toys
  • High-Quality, UV-PROTECTED plastic: this trusty toy's rich colors won’t fade even after extended light exposure
  • Made and imported from Europe: European engineered quality withstands daycare, multi-child, and multi-generational use

Product description

The ultimate car-parking garage, The Three Floor Wader Park Tower, is as tall as your preschooler standing at around 3ft that has 7 floors of fun. The multi-functioning features of this Park Tower include a working crane, car wash, gas pump, heliport, and service elevator that encourages creative role-play. The elevator takes cars up and down that stops on several floors. Cars can go down all seven ramps but can stop on any floor with the use of a moveable stop gate. Improves children’s fine motor skills with its multi-functioning features. This tower comes complete with two toy cars. Compatible with other small toy cars such as Hot Wheels Cars, Matchbox Cars, or any race car, this playset can hold many cars at once. It is made with all UV filter protection plastic that is high quality and won’t fade from sun exposure that is durable, stable, and easy to clean. The Wader Park Tower 7 Floor Garage is great for both single child and multiple child families that provide hours of non-stop fun! It is the perfect birthday; holiday or Christmas present for families with multiple kids who strive for ‘off-screen’ entertainment.

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