Super Hero Face Painting kit or Body Paint 4 Colors Stencils, Sponge + Brush Safe FDA by Grim Tout

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GrimTout quality

Since its very beginning, GrimTout has always held high standards for the quality of its products and its consumers' safety.  Our water-based face paints are high-quality, non-greasy, fragrance-free and paraben-free.  They are CE certified, professional cosmetic quality paints, suitable for even the most sensitive skin.  GrimTout offers a large choice of colors, palettes, themed sets, glitter gels, and accessories.  

Face painting stencils: Need great face paint designs in a flash? Nothing makes face painting easier than using GrimTouts self-adhesive, washable, reusable stencils!  Our face paint stencils are specially made for the skin and face.  Stencils are of high cosmetic quality, very flexible and adapted to a child's face for each design, with cheeks or frontal motifs.  You don't need to add too much water to the face paints; just lightly moisten your sponge or brush to apply the color on the stencil and you're done!

Face painting accessories: Quality brushes and sponges are must-have accessories for successful face-painting.  GrimTout offers high quality, synthetic brushes in an assortment of sizes and shapes that are both soft and precise, enabling you to create detailed designs.  It is recommended you clean brushes in warm water without any detergents, and apply hair balm before storing to prolong the life of the brush.  The foam sponges are used to cover larger areas and to create color gradients when applying face paint.  Sponges should be washed with mild soap and warm water after each use.

Face paint glitter gel: Last but not least are our GrimTout glitter gels for face and body.  Gels come in seal-able tubes to prevent drying out, are perfect for sensitive skin and will add a sparkling finishing touch to all of your designs!

  • Professional quality water-based face painting kit and body paint: created by mothers, loved by kids or adults alike! WE GUARANTEE no skin burns, rashes or allergies. Grim Tout products are made of the best quality raw materials originating and produced in EU France.
  • Each face painting kit or body paint kit contains 4 colors (4ml of each color), 1 face brush and a make-up sponge. This amazing painting kit for kids or adults alike can cover up to 80 full face paint designs.
  • At Grim'Tout we never test our face paint/body paint on animals as we do not condone animal cruelty.
  • Suitable for PROFESSIONALS, PARENTS or KIDS alike. Grim Tout face paints are SIMPLE to use. Just dilute with water and apply with a sponge or brush. Face paint or Body Paint washes without scrubbing easily with water or soap alike.
  • Recommended for kids ages 2 + or adults. Look for face paint or body paint suggestions on the web to find Halloween makeup or everyday designs that will be easy to make using our face and body paint kits.
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