Lena Eco Active Toy Tractor Biodegradable Green Toy Manufactured from Food-grade Resin and Wood

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For the love of our Planet

Passionately designed with the nature lover in all of us, the Lena Eco-Actives Tractor is made with reclaimed wood allowing us to use 34% less plastic than our competitors.

Biodegradable construction

The food-grade wood and resin mixture is biodegradable and decomposes in soil for a toy that inspires care for our planet!

For all types of play

Use the Eco-Actives Tractor inside the house, in the sandbox, in the park, or on the beach as it is UV light protected so its beautiful and vivid colors won't fade!

Develops your child's mind

This toy will help fine-tune your child's gross and fine motor skills as well as aid the development of communication skills with the power of play and imagination! 

Endless Possibilities for Play

  • Use the easy-grip lever to raise, lower, and tilt the bucket back and forth!

  • lock the bucket in place with the anchor hooks

  • Swing open the cab to put in a driver or something else.

  • Carry and push toys, sand, rock, gravel, or anything else in the bucket

  • All-terrain wheels and super strength 6mm steel alloy axles for durability and smoothness

Created and tested to meet European standards

At KsmToys we have always frowned at the use of single-use plastics and the sale of cheap toys that end up in landfills and oceans. That is why we are committed to selling ECO toys like these that meet and surpass European quality and sustainability standards!

We know you and your child will love this toy because of reviews like these!

"Absolutely loving the vintage vibe of this tractor and how brilliant the color combination looks, the pictures really don't do it justice!" -Yanita R.

Product Dimensions:

11" x 4.5" x 7.5"

28 x 11.45 x 19.05 cm

At Lena, we want to keep our planet clean and healthy. We make our toys using high-quality, food-grade resin and we do not promote the use of electronic features in our toys. Our products are designed with a decrease in plastic consumption in mind. The resin we use is infused with an environmentally friendly additive that helps it to disintegrate into the soil. It is also treated with UV filters to prevent fading of colors. Lena Toys are durable, child-friendly, and safe. All our vehicles are fully equipped with off-road wheels with freewheeling chassis, making them easy to push over any terrain. This front loader truck can lift and lower items and is even strong enough to be used as a ride-on toy! Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Lena Vehicles make superb educational toys for toddlers and preschool-age children and are safe for institutional use. Our toys will increase your child's creativity, helping stimulate their imagination while encouraging hand-eye coordination and encourage group play, helping your child to effectively learn and develop their social and communication skills. Most importantly, Lena Vehicles will provide children with hours of the dirt pile and sandbox fun, digging, loading, hauling, and lifting!
Recommended for ages 2+
Made in the Czech Republic, EU
We offer a 3 year extended warranty

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